Holiday Gift Guide 2019


Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Hello everyone, welcome to our Gift Guide for Holiday 2019!
Join us for our list of 15 items for the gamer on your holiday shopping list.
We will be going through the list from least expensive to most expensive.

All prices listed in US Dollars and accurate at the time of the writing of this article.

1. Nintendo Tech Decals – $6.99 (Target)

These Tech Decals from Nintendo are the perfect stocking stuffer, especially for fans of Nintendo’s 8-bit glory days. Target carries two sets of these decals, one has a large Fire-flower Mario as the centerpiece while the other has a large Bowser decal instead.

2. Flip Grip for Nintendo Switch – $11.99 (Limited Run Games)

The Flip Grip for the Nintendo Switch is a fascinating accessory that allows you to connect your Switch in a vertical layout in Handheld mode. While you may be wondering what the point of this is, you may not be aware that many arcade game ports as well as games like Downwell support a rotated display on the Switch. In combination with the Flip Grip, you can experience these games as they were intended while utilizing the whole Switch screen. Very cool concept, executed very well.

6. Oregon Trail Handheld Game – $12.74 (Target)

This handheld version of the classic 80s “edutainment” game is quite an interesting beast. It reminds me of what those classic Tiger electronic games aspired to be able to deliver but the technology then was not available cheap enough to do so. In 2019, things have changed and this little handheld delivers a faithful Oregon Trail experience. If you have someone on your list who is a fan of this Western-bound adventure of river crossings and dysentery, be sure to pick this one up. At $12.74, Target currently has it much cheaper than the MSRP of $24.99.

3. Tiny Arcade Tetris – $12.89 (Target)

The Tiny Arcade series of games are interesting, measuring just under 4 inches in height, this is undoubtedly one of the smallest playable arcade machines ever made. While the entire series includes games like Pac-Man, Galaga, and Galxian, Tetris seems to be the easiest to see on the small 1.5 inch screen in my opinion. Another great stocking stuffer for the classic gamer in your life. Great decorative desk accessory as well.

4. Tubbz Collectible Ducks – $12.99 (Geekstore US)
Tubbz Ducks

The Tubbz Cosplaying Ducks line of figures is an interesting twist on the ever increasing amount of collectible figures that we have been getting over the past few years. The concept of the classic rubber duck re-imagined as your favorite video game and film characters is a great idea. The inclusion of the bathtub display stand is a really cute idea. Definitely recommend these for the collector in your life if you want to get them something with more personality than many of the collectible vinyl figures on the market.

5. Video Game Trivia Card Game – $12.99 (BoxLunch)

These Video Game Trivia cards from Professor Puzzle are a great stocking stuffer if you have a Video Game Trivia nut on your shopping list for this holiday. With 300 questions and answers in this set of cards, they will undoubtedly learn something new while having fun playing this trivia game during the holidays.

7. Gameboy T-Shirt – $12.99 (Target)

2019 is the 30th anniversary of Nintendo’s Gameboy. The original Gameboy is iconic and changed the handheld gaming landscape forever. Since Nintendo didn’t decide to do a big celebration for the Gameboy this year, pick this up for the retro handheld fan on your list to honor the #Gameboy30 anniversary before it’s too late!

8. Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Amiibo – $15.99 (Nintendo)

This Amiibo made our list as a celebration of the release of a remake of one of Link’s best handheld adventures, Link’s Awakening. It may not be the best of Link’s adventures but it is still a surprisingly solid game in 2019. Pick this up for the Legend of Zelda fan on your list. Now if we could only convince Nintendo to remake The Minish Cap, my personal favorite handheld adventure in the Legend of Zelda series.

9. Gameboy Gift Set – $19.99 (Target)

Continuing the Gameboy 30th anniversary celebration, we have this Gameboy Gift Set. Consisting of a Gameboy Notebook with Lenticular screen, Gameboy heat changing mug and Gameboy keychain bottle opener, pick this up for the Gameboy super fan on your list.

10. Pac-Man Ghost Lamp – $29.99 (Target)

This color-changing Ghost Lamp from Paladone is the perfect gift for the Pac-Man fan on your list. This lamp can also react to music and flash through different colors. Paladone also makes a Pac-Man lamp in this series but I personally like the Ghost Lamp with it’s various colors more.

11. Cuphead and Mugman Mug Set – $39.99 (Amazon)

This Cuphead and Mugman coffee mug set may be on the slightly more expensive side but it would surely be the perfect gift for the Cuphead super fan on your list. Not only does the mug idea fit perfectly with the Cuphead and Mugman characters, they look nice on a shelf as well as being a practical mug set. If you do not want to get the set, the mugs are also sold individually.

12. Xbox Design Lab Custom Controller – $69.99 (Xbox Design Lab)

Xbox Design Lab Custom Controller is the perfect gift for the Xbox Gamer in your life if you are looking for a more personalized gift. With over “1 billion possible color combinations” along with the option to add engraving to the front of the controller for additional personalization, you are sure to give a gift that is one of a kind.

13. Quarter Arcades 1/4 Scale Arcade Machines – $149.99 – $179.99 (Geekstore US)

Quarter Arcades from Numskull are 1/4 scale playable arcade machines utilizing the original arcade ROM on bespoke emulation to ensure 100% accuracy. These arcade machines are so faithfully replicated that just seeing a photo of the unit without scale, you would be hard pressed to tell that it was 1/4 the size of the original unit.

A very unique aspect of these replicas is the inclusion of a rechargeable internal battery so that it can be played without being plugged into a power socket. These machines are seriously beautifully made and would be a great gift for a collector on your list as there will be a series of machines made in this scale.
I’m personally a huge fan of the Galaga machine.

14. Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller – $179.99 (Xbox)

While you sacrifice the personality of the Xbox Design Lab controllers, this top of the line Xbox controller features premium features such as interchangeable sticks and d-pads as well as trigger customization and much more. If you are looking for a more high-end accessory for the Xbox gamer in your life, the new Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 could be exactly what you are looking for especially now that Microsoft has confirmed forward compatibility for all Xbox One accessories.

15. Arcade1up 12-in-1 Cocktail Arcade Machine – $499.99 (Arcade1Up)

Arcade1Up has sort of become the de-facto replica arcade manufacturer in recent years. While not quite full size, the Arcade1Up line of arcade machines are the closest you can get to owning a “real” arcade machine while still maintaining a level of affordability. The new Black Series Cocktail cabinets that Arcade1Up have come out with are pretty much what I have always wanted since I was a kid. At $499, this is on the high end of Arcade1Up machines but definitely seems worth it especially with the games included in this. Even if 6 of the 12 games are Street Fighter games, it is hard to complain with just how pretty this thing looks.

Thank you for checking out our Holiday Gift Guide for 2019!
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