Review: Felix the Reaper


Bored to death

Game: Felix the Reaper
Platform: Xbox One
Developer: Kong Orange

Felix the Reaper sets up a very interesting concept in it’s opening cutscene.
You play as Felix, a reaper at the Ministry of Death who is obsessed with dancing and one who is in love with Betty the Maiden who works at the Ministry of Life.

Unfortunately, Felix the Reaper never really lives up to this premise and frankly doesn’t really seem to belong here.

Felix the Reaper Title Screen

Felix the Reaper comes from Kong Orange, a Danish entertainment studio.

I’ll be honest, I went into Felix the Reaper completely blind. So much so that I did not even know what type of game it was until I launched it and the first level loaded up. I saw the art publicized on social media and that was enough to get my attention.

As it turns out, Felix the Reaper is a puzzle game that involved Felix entering a level via an elevator that comes out of the ground and then trying to set up various scenarios that result in the death of a certain character in each level.

Movement of Felix is limited to a grid based layout of the levels.
The trick being that Felix can only move in the shadows so you have to manipulate objects to give you paths of shadows to traverse. You also have the ability to rotate the sun 90 degrees on the playing field to change where shadows are.

You have to use all of this together to solve the puzzle and move on the the next situation.

The thing about Felix the Reaper that caught me off guard is that this game doesn’t really seem to gel well with the character and style of the game. While the puzzle mechanics are sound, it just never really worked as a concept for me.

The game boasts itself as a “Romantic Comedy about the Life of Death” but I feel this is an inaccurate description of the game. Other than the fact that it is mentioned how Felix is in love with Betty in the opening cutscene and voice-overs, it has no impact on the game at all and nothing at all to do with the gameplay.


The game does have a lot of in-depth research about death in art, culture, and history in the game and that is fairly interesting to read but it doesn’t add much to the game itself in my eyes.

Felix the Reaper is a game that I wanted to love but couldn’t bring myself to.
The game even features voice-work from Sir Patrick Stewart who despite being as talented as always, is quite limited in the game as you only hear from him in a handful of lines of dialogue. I wouldn’t say Felix the Reaper is bad game per se, it just never felt like it lived up to it’s potential to me. It almost feels as though there was a more fleshed out version of this game that could have been, maybe one that featured a rhythm component of some type because as it stands the dancing done by Felix has absolutely nothing to do with the game or gameplay.

Honestly, Felix the Reaper unfortunately proved to be a massive disappointment to me.

Having said all of this, maybe this game just didn’t click with me personally. You may enjoy it more than I did, while the puzzle gameplay is fairly solid, there is not much of it here. With only 5 levels with 4 or 5 chapters each, the game can be finished quite quickly. There are additional challenges and hardcore versions of each level to come back to if you enjoy it enough to keep playing. I played the Xbox One version for this review, but the game is also available on Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch as well as PC.

Interesting art style, but very simple
15 out of 20

Sound in the game is just okay. Despite the fact that Felix is dancing at all times, I feel the music here is a disappointment. Not very memorable
8 out of 20

Gameplay is serviceable, however camera control is terrible in my opinion. Often the camera just loses track of your cursor.
10 out of 20

There is some replayability to be had here in the form of additional challenges and skulls to complete as well as hardcore versions of the levels.
14 out of 20

I’m a big fan of puzzle games but for $25 for the level of content here, I cannot recommend this. I recommend trying it on Game Pass on Xbox One
5 out of 20

Overall Score:
52 out of 100

The links for the store pages for Felix the Reaper are below if you are interested in checking it out:

Xbox One

Playstation 4

Nintendo Switch


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