Review: Gato Roboto


The Cat’s Meow…troid

Game: Gato Roboto
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Developer: doinksoft

What’s not to love about Gato Roboto?

Cute Cat? Check
Mech Suit? Check
Metroid-style gameplay? Double Check

Gato Roboto Title Screen

At first glance, Gato Roboto may seem like just a cute game about a cat in a mech suit exploring an alien world but once you start playing, you soon discover that this game has surprisingly satisfying gameplay and atmosphere.

You play as a white cat named Kiki who in the game’s opening pulls a classic cat move of walking on her owner’s keyboard. This causes the ship to crash and Kiki’s owner to be trapped in the ship. Naturally Kiki must take control to save the day. As you explore the alien world, you will find a mech suit and upgrades along the way as well as various other secret hidden items.

Gato Roboto has a simple black and white art style that can be found in many titles published by Devolver Digital. I personally like the look of this art style and find it to be quite interesting in the landscape of modern gaming.

While the game has, by default, a black and white color scheme, there are many cartridges hidden in the game that can change the color scheme to various different looks, including one that takes on the look of Nintendo’s Virtual Boy called Virtual Cat. As well as one cartridge that unlocks a strange yellow-tinged color scheme called Urine.

As for gameplay, you will likely find it to be very familiar.
That is essentially because the gameplay is almost identical to the Metroid series. I do not say this to be reductive or in any way a negative towards the game.

Quite simply, Gato Roboto is the best Metroid game I have played in years.

One thing that I did find quite fascinating about Gato Roboto is how the game’s story kind of hovers in this zone between comedy and serious. The story has some surprisingly dark moments for a game about a cute cat named Kiki.

I will not go into detail on the story as to not spoil any of the story beats but it takes some interesting turns as you face off against the various foes in the game.

Another surprising aspect of Gato Roboto is the sound design. While the retro beeps and bloops of the sound effects are quite expected, I did not expect the creepy tones of the music that make up the soundtrack. It really adds a ton of atmosphere to the game.

I would like say that if you get stuck trying to 100% the map, do not forget the frog you ran across in the Nexus, I did until quite late in the game. Once you have collected enough of the hidden cartridges in the game, you will receive upgrades that are otherwise unobtainable and are necessary to explore 100% of the map.


Gato Roboto can be completed in a relatively short amount of time, I got 100% completion of the game in about 3 hours and 39 minutes.

This is a game that I will come back to over the years, it has all the things that I love about the Metroidvania genre and can be completed in a short enough time that revisiting the title may end up being a yearly occurrence.

Normally this is where I would put what I didn’t like about the game or little nitpicks but honestly I have zero complaints. I loved Gato Roboto and I hope that someday we can get to see the further adventures of Kiki the cat.

Cute retro style with black and white flair.
18 out of 20

Sound in the game is great and the music is amazingly atmospheric.
18 out of 20

Gameplay is perfect in my opinion, very precise and satisfying.
20 out of 20

This may be more of a personal thing but even though I have already achieved 100% completion, this will be a game I replay many times.
18 out of 20

For $8 you get one of the cutest Metroidvania titles I have ever played with great boss design and gameplay.
20 out of 20

Overall Score:
94 out of 100

The link for the store pages for Gato Roboto is below if you are interested in checking it out:

Gato Roboto on Steam

Gato Roboto on Nintendo Switch

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