Review: Membrane


Insane in the Membrane

Game: Membrane
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Developer: Perfect Hat

I will admit that I was initially on the fence about picking up Membrane on Nintendo Switch when just looking at images of the game in the store.

Membrane Main Menu

I think the game looks much better in motion but regardless of how the game’s art style strikes you, I believe this game is worth your time just because the concept of the game is executed so well.

If you are a fan of games like Portal, I would definitely recommend this game. It is not a one-to-one comparison but the two-dimensional puzzle platforming of Membrane asks the player to use the same type of critical thinking that Portal does in order to solve the puzzles.

The thing that sets Membrane apart from Portal in my mind, the true genius at the center of the game, is that fact that the puzzles in Membrane can be solved in any way the player can think of rather than the single solution to each puzzle in Portal.

The player in Membrane has the ability to shoot two different types of projectiles in order to solve puzzles as well as the ability to jump.

The first type of projectile are yellow blocks that turn red once they have solidified. These blocks are then essentially turned into platforms that the player can use to traverse a level as well as solve various puzzling scenarios that are encountered over the course of the 90 levels in the game.

The other type of projectiles are yellow triangles that are generally used to destroy the previously mentioned blocks. These projectiles can also be used to interact with physics-based objects in the world such as a big green ball that can be found in various levels. This green ball’s purpose is usually to destroy a green barrier that prevents the player from progressing, just another element that is added as you continue through the levels presented.

You have to use all the skills you learn in order to complete levels in the latter part of the game. Additionally, each level has two yellow balls that need to be collected. These balls count towards 100% completion of the game as well as unlocking three mini-games that can be found in the bonus menu as more of these items that are collected.


You will also discover some special secret items to collect if you look in the right places.

Membrane took me a little more than 4 hours to 100% but your mileage may vary depending on how efficiently you tackle each puzzle.

One of the only complaints I can issue against the game is the look of the opening cutscene and ending cutscene. It could be one of the ugliest I’ve ever seen but these are short and do not detract from the game overall. I also wish that there was a create level feature in the game as that would really add the replayability.

I discovered this game during a sale that was being offered on the Nintendo eShop. I only paid 9 cents for this game as a result. That being said, this is one of my favorite games that I have played this year and in my opinion this game is worth every bit of the $10 normal price tag if this type of puzzle platforming gameplay appeals to you.

May not initially appeal to you but it does grow on you
16 out of 20

Sound in the game is fairly minimal but what is there is good and quirky
18 out of 20

Some of the most fun puzzle solving I have played in some time
18 out of 20

Levels can be replayed to collect remaining items or just to try different solutions
12 out of 20

For $10 you can’t go wrong but if you are on the fence, you may get lucky and get a sale like I did
16 out of 20

Overall Score:
80 out of 100

The link for the store page for Membrane is below if you are interested in checking it out:

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