Review: Minit


Gone in 60 seconds

Game: Minit
Platform: Xbox One
Developer: JW, Kitty, Jukio, and Dom

Minit is an action-adventure game akin to games like Legend of Zelda, albeit one with a unique twist.

Minit Intro Screen
Minit Intro Screen

When Minit opens, you start in your house and are free to roam around, much like any action-adventure game. Eventually you will stumble upon a cursed sword. What makes this game different from other action-adventure titles is that this sword will cause you to die every 60 seconds. This is the main concept at play in Minit.

The idea behind Minit feels very refreshing, it forces you to think on your feet in ways that other adventure games do not, every action is a race against the clock. Every step inches you closer to death but death is not the end of your journey. After every death, you respawn in your house with a fresh 60 seconds to explore and find items.

These items are the key to progressing in the game. Just because you died doesn’t mean you didn’t achieve anything. Every item you collect in the game is still in your possession when you respawn. You will use these items in combination with new spawn locations to solve various puzzles you will encounter in the course of playing.

The art style of Minit will look familiar as it is published by Devolver Digital, it is in the black and white retro aesthetic that I personally now associate with them. While not all games they publish are in this art style, it does seem to be a staple of many developers being published by them.

I found Minit to be very enjoyable and unique even if it is a little short.


I completed Minit in just about 2 hours, of course there is more to find that I did not on my playthrough for this review, but I was able to face off against the final boss and prevail despite having not collected every item in the game. Completionists will likely get more time out of the game but I suspect only about another couple of hours at the most.

In summary, I enjoyed my short time in the sun with Minit and the unique aspects of the game make it an easy recommendation. I played Minit on Xbox One for this review but the game is also available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC, Android and iOS.

That signature black and white retro aesthetic that Devolver Digital seems to love is present and accounted for.
16 out of 20

Sound in Minit is fairly sparse, there is a somewhat creepy vibe set by the sound in the game that works quite well.
15 out of 20

Gameplay is very satisfying, there is something so satisfying about figuring out the next step to progress in your race against the clock.
18 out of 20

I could see myself replaying Minit, not only to collect any extra items that I did not get on my first run through but also when I feel like saving the world one minute at a time.
14 out of 20

For $10, the value prospect on this game will be up to you based on the short length. Does the concept of the game sound intriguing to you? If so, then I recommend you pick it up.
16 out of 20

Overall Score:
79 out of 100

The link for the store pages for Minit are below if you are interested in checking it out for yourself:

Xbox One

Nintendo Switch

Playstation 4



iOS App Store

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