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I have ridden the mighty Spellworm

Game: Spellworm
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Developer: Chequered Ink

Spellworm initially caught my eye because of the cute art style as well as the small price tag.

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Spellworm comes from a company called Chequered Ink in the UK.
Chequered Ink is a design studio that not only makes games but fonts as well. As you can imagine, the art design of the game was a clearly a focus in Spellworm.

Spellworm does have a fairly simple looking art style but it does look cute in motion and has a pleasant, clean look to it.

The gameplay for Spellworm is fairly straight forward.
In the game you control a worm that you must move around a board of letters in order to spell words, however it is not as simple as it sounds, at least not initially. The twist is that the last letter of whatever word you spelled is connected to the beginning letter of the next word and every letter on the board must be covered by the worm by the end of the level.

Once every word on the game board has been found, the worm will have covered the entire board and the level will end.

Each level has two levels of possible completion based on how long it takes you to complete. Just finding every word in the puzzle will grant you a completion of the level but if you do it fast enough, you will also be granted a gold star upon completion of the level. This can lead to some replayability if you do not accomplish this on the first try but not much overall.

The levels that I found the trickiest were some of the geography based levels later in the game, particularly the levels based on countries in Africa and Asia. This was partially due to my own ignorance of some names of countries but if you a geography buff, you may not encounter this.


Spellworm is a relatively short game and during the time I had with it, I pretty much did everything there was to do within about 3 hours time.

I am not sure how much I will replay Spellworm as I have now completed each level as fast as needed to gain a gold star on every level. For the time you get out of it however, the $2 price tag is more than fair and definitely worth it if you like word puzzles.

Really the only negative things about Spellworm in my eyes is that once the gameplay clicks with you, it almost gets easier as you play so the game is over before you know it with a lack of replayability. I may end up sounding like a broken record here when talking about games needing a level creator but the addition of the ability to plug in a list of words and have levels generate would be very welcome and offer near infinite replayability.

Very cute art style, may not appeal to everyone but very pleasant
18 out of 20

Sound in the game is fairly subdued but it matches the art style very well
15 out of 20

Gameplay does get fairly easy once it clicks with you, especially if you are good at spotting words when spelled in different directions
12 out of 20

Levels can be replayed in order to get gold stars on each level but once you are done, there does not seem to be much reason to come back to it
8 out of 20

For $2 you get a decent amount of puzzles to complete, about 100 in all
18 out of 20

Overall Score:
71 out of 100

The link for the store page for Spellworm is below if you are interested in checking it out:

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