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Game: Super Mario Maker 2
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Developer: Nintendo EPD

In my time with Super Mario Maker 2, it became clear that this game has limitless potential, both as a creative tool as well as a source of nearly infinite Super Mario levels.

Not only that, this could very well be the greatest side-scrolling Super Mario Game ever made.

Super Mario Maker 2 Intro Screen
Super Mario Maker 2 Intro Screen

Super Mario Maker 2 is my first major foray into the Mario Maker experience. While I had played some of the Nintendo 3DS version of Super Mario Maker, I never got a chance to play the full Wii U version with all the features.

In a game like this, sharing your levels online and playing levels from the community adds a ton of replay value to the game and it’s exclusion from the 3DS version was definitely noticeable.

One newly added feature in Super Mario Maker 2 that I found unexpected is the addition of a single player story. While not unexpected in the mainline Mario series, a full fledged story mode in Super Mario Maker comes as a nice surprise.

Many of the levels here in the story mode are quite enjoyable and very creative. Depending on your skill level when it comes to playing Mario games, the story mode will probably take anywhere from about 6 to 10 hours.

This seems about on par with other mainline titles in the side-scrolling Mario library.

Other than the story mode, you will likely spend the majority of your time with Super Mario Maker 2 either playing uploaded levels from the community or creating levels yourself.this is where the true genius of the Mario Maker shines.

This is where the true genius of the Mario Maker shines.

When playing user-created levels, you can opt to check out levels by highest rated, most recent, etc to find popular levels to play.  You can also check out the game’s endless modes where it will queue up random levels for you to play back to back in an endless stream of content.


While the endless mode is fun to be sure, the level designs can vary wildly as you progress from the completely broken levels, levels with an absurd amounts of enemies and items on screen as well as some very creative and well thought out designs.

As a result, the endless modes are a sort of roulette wheel of content.

Designing a level was strangely addictive and I spent far more time than I had planned in getting the level just right. I hoped to deliver an interesting level in my first upload rather than a slapped together design. I was fairly happy with how my level turned out and would love any feedback if you play it.

Play the level created during this review:

Course ID for my level “Of Keys and Coins” in Mario Maker 2

When creating a level in this game, you can swap between Mario game styles which overhauls the entire look of your level. Super Mario Bros 3 is one of my all-time favorite games and so I chose to make my first level in this style complete with a Boom Boom mini-boss. It was very cool to see my level switch to Super Mario World visual style on the fly including a Boom Boom sprite in the style of Super Mario World despite not appearing in the original game. There are many examples of this in Super Mario Maker 2 and it was very nice touch for Nintendo to have retroactively created new sprites for enemies found in later games in the styles that came before.

The only exception to being able to swap on the fly is the new Super Mario 3D Land visual style, as switching between this style and the styles previously found in the first Super Mario Maker will wipe the level clean to start over. Use caution to avoid losing anything you have already created.

Essentially you have to decide from the beginning whether or not to use this style since you cannot freely swap between this and the other styles.

One of my only complaints is the lack of an added Super Mario Bros 2 graphic style here, while I understand that from a gameplay perspective that game functions fairly different from standard Mario games, it would have been a nice touch even if this was treated as a separate style like Super Mario 3D Land was.

Another nice touch that Nintendo added was iconic Mario musical themes in various different styles and instruments depending on the situation. It really adds to the variety here. One really nice example of this was when I was playing on a moon themed level that had reversed gravity and during this level the music has a spacey quality while retaining the familiar Mario tune.

Honestly I have nothing but praise for this game, it more than met my expectations going into it and I feel I will spend much more time creating levels than I initially expect to, which will really help with replayability. While creating a level is not “playing” exactly, it is really fun to see your creation take shape and then be able to share it with the world.

If you have a Nintendo Switch and enjoy Mario’s side-scrolling adventures of days past, you owe it to yourself to pick up this game. You will not regret it.

The retro Mario graphics as well as more modern styles are really great with the added bonus of being able to bring newer enemies into older game styles and vice versa.
20 out of 20

Sound in the game is great, Mario sounds and music are iconic in Video Games for a reason
20 out of 20

Gameplay will be familiar here to Mario fans but user creativity brings some nice unexpected surprises along the way.
20 out of 20

With the near infinite number of possible levels, as well as time spent creating your own, replay value is off the charts here.
20 out of 20

For the amount of content on offer here, the value prospect really is great as the amount of playable levels is astronomical even if not all the levels you find are gems.
20 out of 20

Overall Score:
100 out of 100

The link for the store page for Super Mario Maker 2 is below if you are interested in checking it out:

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