I kind of decided on a whim to do this video game review blog and coming up with a name for this was so difficult I sort of decided to run with that idea.

Welcome to The Untitled Review Project!

With this blog, I want to review games that I have been playing, if for no other reason than to maybe call attention to some smaller games and get people into them.This blog will not necessarily strive to review only recent games, just whatever I am playing at the moment whether it be 5 years old or 5 weeks old.

In recent years, I have been increasingly drawn to indie games or what I call anti-AAA games.  I am not sure really sure what the tipping point was during this generation, but I think it is partially due to my favorite parts of games being the story or just pure gameplay that grabs you and doesn’t let go.

As a result I have been drawn away from competitive multiplayer games almost entirely and drawn more and more towards indie experiences.

Is that to say that I will never review a big budget AAA experience on this blog?

No, I probably will but the focus of this blog will likely be reviewing indie games.

It will be an evolving process as I learn and adapt to blogging.

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